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Drug Development-Part 1

The Discovery of a therapeutically effective molecule is the goal of drug discovery. Individual candidates are identified, synthesized, characterized, validated, optimized, screened, and tested for therapeutic effectiveness. It includes all steps of the basic research process of finding an adequate molecular target in its broadest definition in support of the commercial launch of the drug. A long and challenging task

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Let’s Talk About PCOS | Polycistronic Ovary Syndrome

Polycistronic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrinological disorder characterized by persistent ovulation dysfunction and excessive testosterone (male sex hormone) in females mostly affecting women of reproductive age. (Average reproductive age in females is 12 to 51 years.) It is caused by an elevation in serum levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and a consequent alteration in LH and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)

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Menstrual hygiene | It is okay to talk Period

The period of transition from child to adult is termed adolescence during which several biological, physical, and psychological changes are observed in child development and growth. In females, this stage is marked by, Menarche, the onset of puberty. Around an average age of 9-16 years, menarche can be seen consistently in girls. Menstruation also commonly known as a period, is

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What is a Cephalalgia? Cephalalgia, commonly known as a headache, can essentially be explained as a distinct pain that occupies the head or upper neck of the body. Headache is often associated with physiological disorders or that in metabolism. It can also be spontaneous at times. The features and areas of the pain depend on the type of headache. This

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Can coffee help you be more focused or creative?

Coffee is a very common form of beverage that is being consumed worldwide. People enjoy this drink in diversified forms like cappuccino, latte, espresso, mocha, cold brew, ice coffee, etc. Irrespective of being a very popular drink worldwide, there is very little knowledge about the health benefits of coffee. The coffee beans are very nutritious as they contain an ample

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Nutrigenomics could be the future of healthy living

What is Nutrigenomics? Research has shown that there is not an ideal diet plan that fits everybody. Some may fit a person right but some may not. While many factors play a role in it, one of them certainly is genetics. Nutritional genomics has two domains- nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics. Out of this, nutrigenomics uses molecular techniques to understand the role

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Birth control pill | A two-edged sword

Birth control (a way of preventing fertilization) strategies scientifically involve barrier methods (cervical caps, condoms, diaphragm, etc.) intrauterine devices, hormone therapy, surgical sterilization or just tracking our ovulation period and avoid sexual intercourse during that time.  Birth control pills (BCPs) fall under the category of short-acting hormonal method (SAHM) to prevent pregnancy in case of unprotected sexual intercourse. Birth control

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Chlorophyll is essential for plants to be green and safe

Chlorophyll water Chlorophyll is a green chemical found in plants that absorbs light and aids in the conversion of that energy into energy through photosynthesis. Chlorophyll may be useful to humans as a source of vital nutrients such as vitamins (A, C, and K), minerals, and antioxidants, in addition to assisting plants in the preparation of their own food. The

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Bioplastic: A new era of sustainable food packaging

Food packaging is a crucial part of food industries because it helps in food preservation, presentation, and prevention of food from degradation. General properties of food packaging materials Food packaging materials are selected based on their application. Properties of food packaging material include; Physical properties Mechanical properties Thermal properties Morphological properties Optical properties Gas barrier properties (aroma barriers, vapor barriers,

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The rising epidemic | Black fungal disease

With the ever-increasing Covid 19, second wave situation Mucormycosis or commonly known as back fungal disease have been spreading rapidly. It is caused by a group of fungi known as Mucoromycotina. This disease was first described in 1876 by Furbinger who traced the disease first time in a patient dying from cancer whose lungs were infected terribly by fungus. The